Owen Taverner - bricklayer - contract for 100 Tocumwal cottages in O'Connor

Owen Taverner and his partners Billy Moore and Billy Goggin had the contract with Jim Perry to build the footings and chimneys for '100 Tocumwal cottages in O'Connor'. They were the 'very first things to be built past the pines' (Haig Park). There was no road beyond Haig Park - they'd get through on tracks. 'From Haig Park to the end of Turner was dirt.'

One of the things that amazed Owen about the houses was that they were erected without concrete foundations. 'I'll bet you any money you like, there's nowhere else like that in Canberra'. They laid the bricks straight on to the ground - two courses sideways in trenches that were dug for them by the contractor, and the footings on top. 'We often wondered about that, but the houses are all still there.'

Jim Perry was the builder. He had the contract to erect the Tocumwal houses. But Owen remembers that 'to all intents and purposes Tommy O'Connor was the main man' - he was from Queanbeyan - O'Connor constructions.

Owen and his partners worked on the contract for about six months and he remembers that the forty hour week came in towards the end of the contract - 1948.

Information from Owen Taverner (contributed 1996)


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•  Owen Taverner - bricklayer - contract for 100 Tocumwal cottages in O'Connor

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