Just the house on a bare suburban block

We moved into Quinn Street, O'Connor early June 1950. The road was unpaved, there were no footpaths, just the house sitting on a bare suburban block of land.

The little car, our first, was purchased, second hand, in April 1949. My husband came from a family of market gardeners, and he soon had a very good vegetable garden growing and producing in the back yard and a fowl run and, after a crop of potatoes, all over the front, a good lawn was soon developed.

By December 1950, the government had laid cement footpaths in Quinn Street and with a very close look in snap No. 2 you can see the tyre marks left by Bluey Heath as he rode his bicycle on the wet cement.

After a period of very heavy and consistent rain we had water up to the edge of the verandah in the front and all over the back lawn. It was 6 inches up the walls of the garage and bags of fertiliser, fowl food and cement, etc., were ruined as the water surged through the garage. I also provided much mirth for my neighbours when I was hanging washing on the clothes line, over the great pool of water, clad in Wellington boots and trying hard to keep the clothes from dangling in the muddy mess.

Claire Hill, Quinn Street, 1950-1957 (contributed 1996)



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•  Just the house on a bare suburban block

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