'Good luck with the rocks, Bruce!'

It rained a lot in that winter and the mud and dampness was a worry to everyone. Our driveway became an absolute bog and so Bruce contacted the Works Department about some kind of help with our drive. I might add that Canberra was only a small place in those days and mostly everyone knew or knew of, one another. Our request was granted. A large load of rocks was delivered to our driveway - as too was a sledgehammer with a little note from someone in the department with a great sense of humour - 'Good luck with the rocks Bruce'!! So much for knowing someone in the Works Department.

Dorothy Holgate, Quinn Street, 1950-52 (contributed 1996)


•  The first to be handed over

•  Block 5 section 36

•  Just the house on a bare suburban block

•  The japonica hedge and other improvements

•  We were glad to get the house

•  'Good luck with the rocks, Bruce!'

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