I don't ever want to go

When we came there wasn't a thing out this way
There was a big black stump over the street there
Right in the middle of the two way street
And the children used to play in it and get covered with charcoal.
The best baby sitter I ever had was an old magpie that used to sit up on a big dead stump on the corner of
Miller and Macarthur
Every time the children got to the corner it used to swoop down on them
It knew!

We used to push the pram with the kids in to do the shopping at Civic - and bring it home in the pram
Usually the day after you got paid
It was the only shopping centre

Mr Cosier was at the corner store
After he sold up and went away they built the whole front right along
There was a little clothing shop - Macdonald's - past the chemist shop - where (Marinetti's) is now
We used to use it quite a lot

My girls and George's (George Lewis) girls all went to school together
We used to go down to Turner School for Sunday School
And they all went from there to St Phillips - at the youth centre there
Both my girls were married at St Phillips
And my husband was buried from there.
I remember when we put the first stone in for the Church

I still do morning teas once a month.

We knew all our neighbours
But they're all changed now
The LeGrand's had the art gallery
The Macmillans were on the corner of Way Street
The Crosses were in Miller Street for years
Neighbours didn't get together for functions

But we did things like swapping vegetables - and we still do
George and I are often swapping things

And George is very handy if you want anything fixed

We had a fire in the lounge room
And a wood stove in the kitchen

That was all the heating we had.

The front part's the same as it always was
I had the new and bigger windows put in because they were push out windowns and were always breaking
And I got a hot water service in the bathroom
When we moved in we had a chip heater - that was alright when we had the wood

When my husband was alive he wouldn't buy the house
But after he died they put the rents up - about $100 per fortnight

So I bought it and put the extra 100 into the house instead of the rent
It's all paid for now

Now I have three girls living with me - two have been here for two years
Before that I had other students - most of them were from the country
It's company for me in the house
I had one come and visit me a little while ago - she'd lived here for about nine years
Any of them, if they're around they always come and see me

We were the third people in this house
I've been here about 45 years
And I don't ever want to go
When I first saw the house I loved it
A real home place
My granddaughter says to me now
'Don't ever sell it Gran or we'll have nowhere to call home'

I like it here because it's handy to everything
And I've been here - you get to know your way around places
I don't think I'd like to move anywhere else

Dot Mayo, Macarthur Avenue, 1950-1998 (contributed 1996)



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