My life with the ponies and horses

We arrived in Australia in 1966 and bought this house in Quinn Street, O'Connor. The house, a Tocumwal type, had a huge back yard. There were all types of fruit trees, pencil pines and nut trees growing. But it was the large block off the beaten track that attracted me. Through the big hedge onto the nature strip, up over Miller Street and you were in the scrub within three minutes on a good pony.

Our family of three kids ranged from 11 months to five years - the youngest was our son James. My brother and his wife were with us until they bought their place at 3 Peel Street in 1967.

Our first pony mare had a foal at foot when she came to us. The foal (Danny Boy) turned out to be a top child's pony - not only my kids but many more from our area were educated on Danny in the paddock. He was the first of many as we have two horses in the yards up till this very day.

Looking back over the 30 years we have been here, the people in this area call it the horse paddock. We have a beaut walled in play area. The three pre-schools in the area parade past the big horse gate every week and on the 1st of August, the horses' birthday, we find the gate with birthday greetings to Danny, Model and Dillon pinned to it.

Many people in passing have always said to me "It is good to see the rural scene in the suburban areas". Needless to say, all our neighbours around have good rose beds.

Our house took on a new lease of life as I am a retired carpenter and joiner and have over the years renovated and extended the Quinn Street house. Still to this day new bits and pieces are on the go.

We are very happy in Quinn Street and get regular visits from our five grandchildren. We have had the same neighbours the 30 years we have lived here.

Andrew Morris, Quinn Street, 1966 - (contriubted 1996)



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