After the Second World War, the development of Canberra as the national capital was revitalised. The final move of central Commonwealth administration from Melbourne to Canberra involved thousands of people and a huge building program that included the creation of new suburbs as well as offices, schools and all the general city infrastructure. In its quest to meet the growing housing needs of Canberra at a time of extreme shortage of building materials the National Capital Planning and Development Committee was interested in available prefabricated houses. The transportation of a number of the Tocumwal houses and their installation in Ainslie and O'Connor was arranged. In Ainslie they were located in various streets amongst other types of housing, but in O'Connor they were established in a specific location that is now the O'Connor Tocumwal heritage precinct. Jim Perry was the builder who won the contract to install the houses in O'Connor.



•  On the road

•  Unloading in O'Connor

•  Who ever thought we'd get a Tocumwal house!

•  Owen Taverner - bricklayer - contract for 100 Tocumwal cottages in O'Connor

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