The first children to grow up in the Tocumwal houses were part of the post-war baby boom. They were often members of large families - memories of the number of kids in any one of the cul-de-sacs of 12 or 14 houses, include countings of over 50. Many of them played together as children and young adolescents. The neighbourhood plan around the park and the easy access between houses facilitated these connections. The bush of Black Mountain and O'Connor Ridge on the other side of Miller Street offered territory for exploring and games, and collecting firewood for cracker night bonfires in the park. Adult parties included neighbourhood friends and others from further afield.



•  Cowboys and cracker nights

•  The cross on the chimney

•  Dressing up

•  Suicide hill

•  Visiting

•  Todd Street ceilidhs

•  Square dancing

•  Dances and a keg of beer

•  Sunday at the Raccosta's

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