In the mid-1990s the Tocumwal houses precinct in O'Connor was nominated for listing on the ACT Heritage Register and is now a listed heritage precinct. Most of the remaining government houses have been sold and land values have increased considerably. People moving into the area often have an interest in the distinctive architectural features of the houses and their restoration. The Tocumwal houses are weatherboard to sill height, AC sheet fibro above with small timber framed windows of two to four vertical panes. Roofs are hipped and sheeted with corrugated iron. They have large lounge rooms, typically with double doors opening into the dining room, generous verandahs and red brick chimneys. As a result of private owernship, some of the houses were dramatically modified prior to heritage listing, but the streetscape view remains fairly consistent. Typically the houses have either three or four bedrooms. A small number, in Quinn, Peel and Macpherson streets, have two bedrooms. These did not come from Tocumwal but were built as look-alikes to complete the precinct by the government's workforce, rather than by Jim Perry.

(Information from The O'Connor precinct design criteria, prepared by ACT Public Works for ACT Housing Trust, George Lewis - an original Tocumwal resident, and member of the government day labour force)



•  Nothing that will alter the original character of the house

•  A return visit to Hart Street

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