The Tocumwal Archive is a combination of historical photographs and the stories of the people who have had a part in the history of the Tocumwal houses.

The origins of Canberra's 'Tocumwal' houses

The Tocumwal air force base

Constructing the Tocumwal air force base

From Tocumwal to Canberra

On the road

Unloading in O'Connor

Who ever thought we'd get a Tocumwal house!

Owen Taverner – bricklayer – contract for 100 Tocumwal cottages in O'Connor

Early years of the houses in O'Connor

The first to be handed over

Block 5 section 36

Just the house on a bare suburban block

The japonica hedge and other improvements

We were glad to get the house

‘Good luck with the rocks, Bruce!'

Parties and pastimes during the first twenty years

Cowboys and cracker nights

The cross on the chimney

Dressing up

Suicide hill


Todd Street ceilidhs

Square dancing

Dances and a keg of beer

Sunday at the Raccosta's

Changing patterns of community from the 1970s - 1990s

This house'll suit me fine

A community in the balance

Long term residents

I don't ever want to go

The story of Studio Nundah

My life with the ponies and horses at Quinn Street

The past and the present

Nothing that will alter the original character of the house

A return visit to Hart Street

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